My Top Ten for the Week:

Yet another (overdue) installation of music you might like.

1) Elvis Presley’s “Mystery Train”. I’ve been working my best on this for karaoke. I’ve been into old country-type rock’n’roll lately. Wonder if it has to do with my recent trip to the South. This song is on the soundtrack for the Jim Jarmusch film “Mystery Train”. It’s just awesome, and so are all the other versions on the soundtrack. First watch the film, then buy it.

2) The Association’s “Never My Love”. I could listen to this a hundred times and still think it’s one of the most romantic songs of all time.

3) Beirut’s “Postcards From Italy”. Here’s a live version, which is done nicely.

4) Coralie Clement’s “La Mer Opale”. Whisper-singing French girls are hot.

5) The Insect’s “Never Met A Girl Like You Before”. I very much like this cover.

6) Jose Gonzales’ “Hearbeats”. I just loved the television commercial associated with this song. Which I’m going to show you because, though it is commercial, it’s also beautiful art. Plus, filmed in San Francisco!

7) ? and the Mysterians (yes that’s the band name) with “96 Tears”. This guy’s outfit is AMAZING. More rockers need to go out like this. Enough of the Kurt Cobain reinventions. Glam, baby!

8) Bobby Darin’s version of “La Mer”. Not immensely different from Charles Trenet’s but I own just about every incarnation of this song. This is a funny live version.

9) Clifford Brown and (my favorite drummer) Max Roach’s “These Foolish Things”. Sadly, I couldn’t find it on YouTube. This is definitely an album you want to put in your collection, though. Go listen to samples on iTunes or whatever. These two are fantastic.

10) Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon”. If you don’t like this song you have no dreaminess about you. Also, fuck Michael Buble. Here’s a charming live version before the drinking caught up with Old Blue Eyes.