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Fashion shouldn’t ever be linked to death. Let’s start with that. I’ve been a “hanger” and when I look back on those photos, I start to see myself as everyone else saw me at the time: sickly-looking. 

::thanks to Brittney for sharing

These things are good to know.

These things are good to know.

from notdeadforever
My advice is this. Go get yourself a fabulous vintage fur and smile smile smile.

My advice is this. Go get yourself a fabulous vintage fur and smile smile smile.

from papertissue
Finally. A Purse Hook.

It’s $45 and here.

I really wish more bars would just pony up and install the $2 hardware store variety so we special-satchel carriers wouldn’t have to carry around our own. Until then…

Via Luxist

Gentlemen should carry spare cufflinks in their satchel at all times. - Quite right. From my dear Andy Warhol.
Choose a clutch over a handbag whenever possible. But if you can get away with not carrying ANYTHING, you automatically get +7 badass points. - x
Ew, 1994

do not support the mid-nineties fashion revival, let’s be clear about that. However, if you must revel in the nostalgia of your old Doc Martens, please do it with these:

From Marais USA (seen in NY Magazine). I like them because the soles aren’t atrociously large and the red fleece lining looks inviting. Also, they’re only $98. But you have to keep them clean and sparkling, OK? OK. And no flannel. We’re done here.

Quote of the Day: Stylist Robert Verdi

"A lot of women say ‘I should’ve been alive when Ruben was because I’m Rubenesque.’ So times have changed. There are different cultural norms and values and beauty identities, and the fact that thin is in — who cares? It’s why I stopped eating. I think food is for fat people and poor people. Rich people don’t eat. They get dressed up and go shopping."

hat’s gross, Robert. Food is delicious. And who are you kidding with that Christie Brinkley peacoat? You look like an electrocuted snowbunny circa 1988. Unfortunately you cannot starve away poor fashion choices. See you on the slopes, eh?

Via The Cut

UPDATE: Not a one-time occurrence. Just say no to paisley, kids.


s of late, I’ve been decidedly more interested in menswear than womenswear, most likely because I knew so little about it before this year.

It’s not merely women’s fashion in San Francisco that gets a sniff from some Brooklyn-transplants, so let’s both set the record straight and keep the Y-chrome readers in the loop here.

And, just to get this out of the way: one cannot compare NYC fashion to SF fashion. Apples and oranges. Prague to Paris. Toyko to Sao Paulo.

Some of the best boy-style I’ve seen in the City is at the bi-weekly French Tuesdays party. Jackets are required. It’s refreshing.

Boys, you need to own a suit. And a sport coat. Preferably more than one of each. And here’s the thing: I don’t care if you buy at Gucci or Goodwill, have the suit fitted by a tailor. This is not optional. No matter what it looks like off-the-rack, it will look better when it’s fit to you.

You don’t have to subscribe to the cuffed or just-this-side-of-flood pant breaks a la the Sartorialist, but be reasonable. When in doubt, go shorter, or risk appearing like the 1990s called and…you know the rest.

As for the jacket, it needs to fit in the shoulder, this is the most important thing. Sleeve length is negotiable. Stay away from three buttons unless you’re in the NBA or you really, really know what you’re doing.

So that’s where we’re starting here. Own a suit, then ask me questions.

  • Miguel: you want me to seed your site with some questions?
  • Miguel: i could come up with some
  • "Is it ever ok to wear a wife-beater with a blazer?"
  • Holden: if they are serious questions, yes you can send them. and you do that by clicking on "Contact"
  • Miguel: why don't you lift questions out of GQ and re-answer them
  • Holden: don't think i won't if i don't get enough on my own
  • i'm not above that